Returning from combat in the Middle East, Ethan Wells, a Georgia native, begins his civilian life as a suburban high school teacher. One day, at the school, his life takes a horrific turn. What appears to be an accidental encounter with a troubled student turns into personal nightmare for Wells and his wife. One of the school employees, bent on turning the unfortunate event into a personal crusade against Wells, aggressively moves the story to its tragic ending. It is a sad commentary on one of the major aspects of today's society that reflects poorly on America in the early stages of the twenty-first century.



The health care system remains in crisis, and it's hurting the overall economy. Join an insider as he examines the problem and offers solutions.

Everyone knows that there are severe challenges when it comes to health care delivery and financing these days. Even so, not many people are offering viable solutions. Author Roger H. Strube, MD, spent thirty-six years in medical education, training, practice, and health care administration, and he's not satisfied with the status quo. He shares his personal experiences along with a vision of how to fix the problems associated with a broken system.

If you have been frustrated by excessive paperwork, high expenses, and poor treatment in the current health care system, Strube can help you understand the root causes behind the troubles.



Can the misfortunes of one woman’s ancestors give her the strength to fight for her freedom? When Alice inherits a wooden chest from her deceased mother, she suddenly finds herself swept away by the devastating stories contained within. No longer the only victim in her family, Alice realizes that she must find the power to break the chains of darkness that have enslaved the women of her family for so long. As her foremothers cry out to her from the past, Alice must learn to dream again, to break down the mental and emotional barriers holding her back… and to reach for her freedom. Alice finds herself seeking the courage to imitate her foremothers’ fortitude and extricate herself from her abusive husband. If not for her own life, then that of her daughter, Denise. Don’t Play in the Sun is a thrilling ride, geared to reset your way of thinking. Travel with Alice through her hardships as her story reveals that there is a light at the end of the tunnel- if you are willing to trudge forward through the filth, fear and dark to get to it.



Anthology of contemporary poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, humor, and philosophical musings from members of the Island Writers' Network of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


Lies & Deceit...as thick as Spanish moss on southern live oaks. Lust & Betrayal...as common as magnolia blossoms. Welcome to the Hollingsworth home at 22 Bending Willows. as common as magnolia blossoms.

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