Around 1985, G. Wilson McIntosh opened a bookstore, a music store, and a card shop at the Ribaut Mall (Now Beaufort Town Center) on Boundary Street. Technology changes wiped out independent music stores; greeting cards declined in popularity; but The Beaufort Bookstore persevered, not without a little help from Pat Conroy (Wilson's Citadel upperclassman) and so many other local authors and readers. It hurt to say goodbye to Belk's and later K-Mart! Around 1996, as his work with student book services at Technical College of the Lowcountry was concluding, Wilson opened The McIntosh Book Shoppe on Bay Street, filling it with "South Caroliniana" and rare collectibles (including signed Conroy books!).

In 2020, Wilson accepted an offer to sell the Boundary Street store to a recent arrival, Bruce Page (a retired teacher and Protestant minister). Bruce has recently partnered with Kate Skinner's River and Marsh in Habersham (where he lives with wife, Susan). He sponsors dozens of book events at the two locations. Coming up: Children's Reading Circles twice a month and perhaps a book club at either store. Watch the Bookstore ads in every LOWCOUNTRY WEEKLY for news of coming efforts, sometimes jointly with the Pat Conroy Center. The bookstore is active on Facebook and Instagram.

While we are not yet one-stop shopping, we have a variety of gifts, toys, reading paraphernalia and cards. If you don't know your friends' reading taste, give them a Beaufort Bookstore Gift Card!


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